Market leaders in aluminium fabrication, extrusion and finishing.

Delivering a wide range of products and services, Amana Global provides both standard and fully customisable glass and aluminium solutions.

Combined with three decades of experience, our innovative manufacturing facilities, and streamlined logistics network, we pride ourselves on our ability to design, create, and deliver your product to the highest quality possible within the shortest possible timeframe.


From the basics of precision cutting, drilling, tapping, and punching to fully finished products, Amana Global offers a full suite of extrusion services.

Our custom aluminium extrusions aid in reducing both purchasing costs and overall machining effort. Our process offers the additional benefits of product consistency, minimised material waste, and complete control over your design.


Increasing material resistance to chemicals, UV, cracking, and chipping, Powder Coating has the additional benefit of fully customising your design.

Fine particles of resin are applied to your material using an electrostatic spray gun, binding the resin powder to your material. A full range of colours can be used to create bespoke pieces, which have an array of applications including product branding.


The ultimate option for creating a product that is both durable and corrosion-resistant, Anodising creates an aesthetically pleasing finish on the material.

Anodising is an electrochemical process that alters the metal surface. Fully integrated into the aluminium substrate, the anodic-oxide finish cannot be chipped off or removed in any way.


Once extruded, aluminium is processed in our machining department, where it can be precision-cut, knurled, and punched.

Amana Global offers fully customised fabrication solutions in addition to standard fabrication services. We also provide a range of solutions for your secondary extrusion needs.


We provide our customers with multiple system configurations using an engineered polyamide strut between the inside and outside aluminium profiles of various widths.

Using a wide range of profiles with excellent structural performance designed to meet your fenestration needs, Amana Global offers an array of custom thermal break components.


We provide homes with maximum fire protection using ultra-lightweight, fire-rated wall cladding. Made using the finest materials we can source, our wall cladding is not only fire-resistant but can withstand various other conditions.